9 Jan
Quentin Tarantino's pretty thugs in collectible form

Ever since seeing Django Unchained over the holidays, we’ve had a lot of Quentin Tarantino on the brain. Not only did I watch Pulp Fiction again recently, but I already lined up Jackie Brown on the old Netflix queue. What can I say, it’s one of my favorites. But as good as all of the above are, none really match the raw visceral criminality and dark humor of Tarantino’s debut, Reservoir Dogs. If you want to add a little more Reservoir Dogs to your every day life, pick up this collection of collectible action figures — the package includes all of Joe Cabot’s five hapless petty criminals: Mr. White, Mr. Orange, Mr. Blonde, Mr. Pink and Mr. Brown. Each of the 7″ figures come with various accessories (gun, sunglasses, straight razor, diner bill, Like a Virgin 8-tack, etc) and connecting display bases. The Reservoir Dogs Action Figures don’t come out till February, but you can pre-order them now for $60.

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