29 Jan
Singapore toy tech designer PHU's battleworn creations

Creatively built with eco-friendly tactics and materials, renowned Singapore-based toy tech designer PHU has handcrafted iPhone docks resembling some battle-worn steampunk mech tanks. The iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 docks — exclusively offered at the Four Corner Store — are created from “found objects” and “repurposed model fittings,” giving new meaning to PHU’s mantra of “Deconstruct/ Recreate.” The Tanks can be bought immediately as stock designs, but if you’ve got a crazy idea burning away in that wacky little mind of yours you can contact FCS and they’ll work on completely custom commissions — even if it’s for your iPad or iPad mini. As they say, “Nothing is outside the realm of PHU’s  Imagination.” The chargers are built into the robot bodies, and can be tucked away for a clean look. The  Available starting at $395.

More detailed looks at PHU’s battleworn iPhone Dock Tanks after the Jump…