Maskull Lasserre is a talented craftsman/carvesman making his way through the world of aesthetics. Turning what was once simply a hobby into a web of handcrafted art, Lasserre is one of the more recent artists to crawl his way out of the basement of apprenticeship. The Montreal artist’s notoriety comes from his intricately carved anatomical lifeforms: animals, people and even insects are manifested into wooden form. He has an unwavering ability to carve innumerable figures in mounting detail out of the sides, edges and corners of inanimate objects including pianos, wooden instruments, doors, tables, chairs, rolling pins and pretty much any surface with a wide enough area to apply his art. This level of surreality borders on an element of magical realism in 3D form — possibly the first of its kind. The Canadian sculptor has proven he’s more than just a one trick pony, able to duplicate his success over and over again in exhibit after exhibit, beginning with his 2008 debut.

The most recent of his work, an exhibition entitled Fable, was featured in an exhibit for Centre Space Gallery in Toronto and ran through January 19th.  The exhibition featured carvings of a dinosaur skeleton skillfully chiseled out of the bottom corner of a door and a monstrous bat carved out of a piano corner. Lassare’s surfaces were limitless. The items from the Fable exhibit are featured below — take a look and keep an eye out for more of Lasserre in the future…

via Colossal

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