30 Jan
Aerospace grade titanium with blades, saws, comb & bottle opener

A ring is a gingerly applied accessory. Too many and you look like a TGIF-sponsored Guy Fieri clone, but used just right the proper ring can go a long way. Unless you rock knuckledusters, however, there are very few rings that will grant you the functionality of The Man ring. Crafted from aerospace grade titanium, The Man is a 9mm-wide superhero-in-the-making utility ring bursting with useful tools: a straight blade for slicing, a serrated blade for cutting harder plastics, a saw for wood, and even a miniature comb for all your action figure grooming needs. But you know we’re feeling the bottle opener above and beyond all the rest — it’s the sort of thing Frank Castle would use to pop open a cold Arrogant Bastard after punching holes into a bunch of Russian mobsters. The Man ring is custom made to fit exactly your size, can be engraved, and features brass rivets to hold the plates together. Get your superhero on for $385.

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