9 Jan
Jeff Skierka Designs' high-fidelity tape deck tabletop

Remember the long lost art of the mixtape?  The cassette tape ushered in the era of portable playable music that could not only coax any emotion from your intended listener, but could also be right there existing in the heat of the moment. On the cusp of the 50th anniversary of the now retro audio disk, Jeff Skierka Designs has created the Mixtape Coffee Table — a 12:1 scale replica of a cassette tape. The beautiful table has a hand-rubbed oil finish and is hand-assembled to order in Seattle. It is delicately crafted of high grade Baltic Birch Plywood with a maple veneer solid American Walnut “tape” fitted throughout.  With all the seriousness of the High Fidelity rules of creating a mixtape, the table is completely reversible with sides A and B stamped and numbered. The wooden cassette sits on a base with hand-bent steal powder coated legs, and is topped off with a 3/8” glass top. We’re not sure Nick Homby’s novel considered this element of mixtape gifting, but we dig the homage Jeff Skerika has paid to a revered erstwhile pastime. Order the table by e-mail, but keep in mind it retails for $4,950.

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  1. Carl Razazi says:

    Now that is a rather neato.

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