17 Jan
A quick Q&A with the multi-dimensional Berlin EDM duo

Tassilo Ippenberger and Thomas Benedix met at Berlin’s SAE, where their studies in the production and manipulation of sound aided them in actualizing their overarching ominous and murky sonic aesthetic. Soon they identified themselves as Pan-Pot, and while organizing parties booked rising DJ Anja Schneider for an infamously ill-fated party in 2005. While the event itself was a disaster, the duo established a connection with Schneider’s then recently formed Mobilee Records imprint and within weeks had released the Popy and Caste EP on it. Within just a few short years, Pan-Pot created a dominant presence for themselves amongst the pioneers of Electronic Dance Music in their city, and soon beyond. Their growing proliferation has paralleled the rise of their native label. The defining moment of their career came in 2007, when they released their debut artist album, Pan-O-Rama, the first artist album ever to be released on Mobilee. The duo’s commitment to precise, undulating and kinetic grooves is no more evident than in Pan-O-Rama’s stunning 360-degree tour of techno at its most twisted form, balancing somber atmospherics with an impeccable lightness of touch. Now touring at a near ceaseless level, their dancefloor-oriented DJ sets see them playing back-to-back tracks, easily transitioning between techno, house and everything in between. Although they name themselves after a piece of DJ gear, their music is all about moving bodies, not knobs, as they give way to an outstanding degree of dynamism on dancefloors across the globe. Check out our interview with the duo below, as well as their “Mental Rush” EP and recently announced US tour dates below..

Allow us to introduce ourselves, we are…

You can find us usually posted up…
Tassilo: in the studio in Berlin.
Thomas: or at various bars.

You might’ve heard of us because of…
Tassilo: our Techno releases with Mobilee records.

But why you really should know us is because…
Thomas: we are the guys giving away free drinks (shots) at some of our gigs.

If it weren’t for our lovely parents we wouldn’t be where we are today.

The first piece of music I heard that I remember waking up my ears was…
Tassilo: Some classical music played from my father’s turntable
Thomas: Russian Songs because in East Germany later it was Madonna and AHA :)

The last piece of music I heard that woke up my ears is…
Tassilo: The remix we finished last night. I fell asleep on the couch and Thomas turned up the volume to wake me up… Bastard :)
Thomas: What? hahaaa ;) Last tune was a nineties song from my girlfriend I don’t now which one but she bought a little speaker for her iPhone and tried out if it’s working well!

I hate to admit it, but I almost gave music up when…
Tassilo: We had one gig in the eastern part of Germany and we cleared the dance floor in about 15 minutes. Long time ago though. :)
Thomas: Fuck that’s true I forget the name of the location but it was really bad, also because the other DJ played all of this handbag House, which doesn’t really fit our sound.

But it all came together when…
Tassilo: Our album Pan-o-rama really gave us a lot of positive vibes. I think from this album on everything went straightforward.
Thomas: Totally agree with it!

Continue reading our To Whom it May Concern: Pan-Pot Q&A and find tour dates after the Jump…

“We had one gig in the eastern part of Germany & we cleared the dance floor in about 15 minutes. That was a long time ago though…”

If I was taking a train from Paris to Madrid, the one person I’d want to share the cabin with would be...
Thomas: William Shattner & Richard Dean Anderson! I am a big Star Trek and Stargate fan and I have a lot of questions! :)
Tassilo: At the moment I would take my family, don’t really see them enough.

If you want to put a smile on our face, you probably want to…
Hand us a Whiskey-Cola.

If you want to wipe that smile away, then you should…
Take the drink away again.

The last time I saw the sun come up I was..
Thomas: 32
Tassilo: 31. Honestly! :)

The person I admire most is…
Tassilo: Johnny Cash, great artist.
Thomas: Hans Zimmerman

The last time we lied was…
now because we never lie ;)

If you hit shuffle on my iPod you might be shocked to find…
Tassilo: Dune – Hardcore Vibes
Thomas: Black Eyed Peas

If you hit shuffle on my iPod I’d be embarrassed if it landed on…
Tassilo: Vangelis – Conquest of Paradise
Thomas: Heino – Junge komm bald wieder nach Haus!

When I get my next really big check, I’m gonna go score a…
Thomas: Beechcraft 18
Tassilo: Porsche 993

But it’ll never replace…
Tassilo: my Ray Ben Wayfarers
Thomas: Scooter VESPA S50

My one magic power is…
Tassilo: hahahahaha…. you know it….
Thomas: The dark side of the Force

And lastly, If I was Lost In a Supermarket, you’d find me in the…
Tassilo: Booth section
Thomas: alcohol & cigarettes

Upcoming Tour dates for Pan-Pot:
Jan 11: Hardpop, Ciudad Juarez
Jan 13: Villa 221, Miami
Jan 17: Vessel, San Fran
Jan 19: Anonymous @ Norad, Denver
Jan 20: Momentum @ SRB, NYC
Jan 25: Igloofest, Montreal
Jan 26: Footwork, Toronto

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