8 Feb
San Francisco artist's opening reception, Saturday February 9

Alec Huxley, a San Francisco-centric artist, is having an opening at Venice Beach gallery C.A.V.E. tomorrow, Saturday February 9 from 7-10. One of LA’s best galleries, we’ve enjoyed their Kid Acne Stand & Deliver show as well as their collective exhibits. A self taught painter, Huxley’s cinematic scenes choke on their surroundings. Surrealist narratives inside landscapes that mean to record history, his painted figures wear space helmets and gas masks, as if the air on this earth is not for them. Two of his paintings are haunted by a figure in a red devil’s mask, chasing a business suited man with a space helmet on over the ledge, or, dropping a damsel romantically off the side of a building. Nice. Huxley uses color sparingly which gives his work a quality of filtered light. Check out the gallery to see more examples of his work.

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