We’ve covered many a flask over the years here at Lost In a Supermarket, from $500 Wedge-shaped hipflasks to Dunhill Carbon Fiber-Weave Flasks to even Bootlegger Ankle Concealers, but never have we encountered a flask that we want, naye need, to own so desperately. The fine Speyside distillers at The Macallan have teamed up with the blade-makers over at Oakley to create the ultimate drinking companion, aptly titled The Flask. The laser welded food grade steel inner flask is constructed to preserve the delicate tastes of your RumChata fine scotch, which is then wrapped in a carbon fiber composite. A black anodized 5-axis machined aerospace grade aluminium shell then finishes things off, just to make sure that even when your drunk friends drop your beloved The Flask, it won’t get a ding. You don’t need another reason to hate those idiots. What more on Earth could you ask for? Pick yours up directly at The Macallan for about $910 (£600).

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