Most kids don’t remember how awesome Def Leppard was back in the day, they just maybe know “Pour Some Sugar On Me” from a drunken karaoke night and think that’s where it begins. Uh uh, slow down there Taylor Swift. Even before “Photograph” put their Pyromania album on the map they had already dropped two great rock records, On Through the Night and High & Dry. But man, Pyromania was dope. I’d say one of the best albums of the 1980s — if you haven’t rocked out to “Stage Fright”, “Foolin” and “Die Hard the Hunter”, well than you just haven’t lived. Why do I bring this all up? Because someone’s made this handheld blasting device and named it the Deaf Leopard, spelling it the way that all my grade school teachers thought those idiots from Sheffield should be spelling their name. Man, teachers are dumb. Well if you ever find yourself needing to generate the sound of a passing train — in your hand — now you know where to go. Just head over and get your own Deaf Leopard soundblaster for $550. It works with a standard CO2 cylinder, with adjustable volume so you don’t have to go Rock of Ages on everyone…


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