25 Feb
Sydney, Australia label adds a different knot to its repertoire

Essentially invested in the happy accident of the bow tie, Le Noeud Papillon is the French name of that sartorial creation, translating literally to ‘the knot of the butterfly’. Besides the Bow Ties, Pocket Squares and Smoking Jackets which we’ve covered before, the Sydney, Australia based company is now tying an additional knot with its fine silks: the knot of the hat band. The slightly elasticized fine silk brim accoutrements come in two sizes, small (56 cm) and large (59.5 cm). Pretty much any of Le Noeud Papillon’s exclusive silks, which are made of fine Italian-processed Jacquard woven silk, can be turned into a hat band — for example the ‘Mean Dean’ above. Take a look at the gallery below to get some inspiration, with ‘I’m picking up the bar tab’ names like ‘Tankaka Head’ and ‘Pussy Galore.’ See Le Noeud Papillon’s complete collection if you want a custom cut and email them and they will add it to their next week’s cut list. The hat bands will cost you $60, and they do wish they could be cheaper, but a lot of love and politeness goes into each one. Fancy things never lose their charm!

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  1. As soon as they took away the playlist function it became certainly not really worth perhaps $3. Whatever beneficial in the exact location can be obtained totally free.

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