4 Feb
Brazil's Davi De Melo Santos world of magical realism

Forget Alice’s adventures. Leave behind those tiny luminous illustrations of Dr. Seuss. We’ve found the real magical world of Wonderland and verisimilitude right in the tip of a spray can belonging to Brazilian street artist DMS (Davi De Melo Santos). With surreal faces that melt and mold around outdoor switch boxes, awkward building creases and trash piles, DMS is creating a Wonderland of his own topped with all that Lewis-Caroll-and-Seuss-like splendor. His urban work has all the creepy comfort of that feeling Alice had in meeting the purple striped, over-drugged smile of the precocious Cheshire cat. Images with strange faces and welcoming smiles, yet rhythmic color tones bring to life the wondrous world of the hookah-high caterpillar. Floating-faced fish teasing an ever present and hungry blue-trucked tree are remnants of Dr.Seuss’s fantastical fantasies. Another artist that takes us away from it all for awhile, DMS trips our ever present minds in a sedated sort of sober. We’ll take your odd little visual drugs DMS, just don’t leave us with those nasty drawls of anticipation…

via unda

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