13 Feb
Photographer Jason Shaltz shoots Shaun Ross for NYC label

Once again our man/LIAS contributor Jason Shaltz aims his Canon and blows it up for New York streetwear label MISHKA. This time its for their Spring 2013 Lookbook featuring model Shaun Ross who just may be Yellowman’s long lost cousin. Respect to MISHKA for hiring a model who doesn’t “look like a model” and shows that a unique face is just as cool if not more so than the usual “Handsome Dan” (except for Dan the “Handsome Boy Modeling School” Automator, he takes the cake). As usual MISHKA has next season’s look down effortlessly and sets you up to run the club, street, office, or any random smoke filled warehouse you may come across. BTW I’m a size L where it counts…

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