It’s time you found out who Butcher Billy is. According to his Twitter, there’s a special place reserved for him in hell. Nintendo World, the Brazilian outpost of the Japanese Mega Star asked the artist Butcher Billy to bring his own personal vision to one of their characters. Taking a surprisingly twist, Butcher Billy has injected 8-bit stardust into the dirt that was Sid and Nancy. In his own words, “Instead of simply trying to make Mario look badass (like loads of pointless fan-arts across the web), I wanted to challenge myself, choosing the most improbable and badass real life characters I could think of, and make them impersonate Mario and his universe, yet keeping both visual sources totally recognizable in their concepts.” Check out the  Sex Pistols-inspired mashup gallery below and take a glimpse at what it means to be Sid and Nancy… trapped in Super Mario World. They may try to kill each other, but in the charming land of Nintendo they’re gonna keep on coming back no matter how bloody it gets…

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