What does a boiling tsunami of blood inside a corridor evoke in your mind? What if everything you think about what you know is wrong and is really just the plot of some rubiginous politico and his ploys for mass genocide? Enter Room 237, a documentary directed by Rodney Ascher about the mysteries behind the timeless Stanley Kubrick film The Shining. When a film has an allure deeper than its box office sales, such as The Shining, it’s no surprise that it’s a Kubrick flick. As the man himself once said,“I have found it always the best policy to allow the film to speak for itself.” Can Ascher’s new film exploring the conspiracy theories behind the classic horror film answer everyone’s questions? His first attempt at a full length feature, Ascher is previously known for his shorts and his commercial work for the likes of EA Games, Soulja Boy and Matt & Kim. Room 237 seeks wisdom on The Shining from academics like Bill Blakemore and Geoffrey Cocks to authorities on the alchemical and hermetic traditions like Jay Weidner. As the producer Tim Kirk said in a recent New York Times article,“This isn’t ‘Trekkies,’ we don’t have guys having ‘Shining’ weddings, or driving around in yellow VWs with ‘ROOM 237’ license plates. There were no conventions to go to.” Well let’s stop waiting for Johnny to come to us, and let’s go get him ourselves! Room 237 hits  theaters March 29.

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