Have you been looking for a way to digitize your old N.W.A. tapes and Brand Nubian vinyl to digital, but didn’t know how? Do you find yourself wandering the streets with old Doc Martin, DJ Dan and Barry Weaver mixtapes, but no place to actually play them? You ever at a kegger with a stray Def Leppard Pyromania tape in your backpack, but didn’t have any way to entertain the Keystone-drenched masses? Well son, you’re in luck! Thanks to Ion’s ultra-portable IT34 Duo Deck USB Turntable and Cassette Deck, you can now play dusty vinyls and tapes anywhere your obsolete technology-yearning heart desires. But perhaps most convenient of all, you can digitize all those old tapes and 12″s to mp3s via the EZ Vinyl/Tape Converter software so you never have to carry this gadget again. Or just keep it simple and play them through external speakers — the world is your oyster, Taylor Dane. Pick up your Ion IT34 Duo Deck for $50.

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