While wandering the cavernous halls of the Geneva Automotive Salon this week of course we were wowed by the obvious choices — like the over-the-top-but-gorgeous Ferrari LaFerrari, as well as the over-the-top-but-repulsive Lamborghini Veneno — but for personal reasons we were most excited about the Alfa Romeo stand. Long time Alfa aficionados, the reason we were so excited was because the Italians were announcing the production version of the car with which they’d return to US shores: the 4C, which we fell in love with way back in 2011 with the 4C Concept. (OK, the heart palpitating 8C came to the States, but under such small production numbers that it really doesn’t count.)

Beyond the normal 4C, an exclusive Launch Edition was also unveiled which can be seen here. Only 1,000 of the exclusive sports cars will be made, with half headed to America. Available in either Carrara White (above) or an Alfa Red, the Launch Edition will feature Bi-LED headlights, anti-roll bars, a carbon fiber aero kit, a BMC air cleaner, exclusive alloy wheels (18? front and 19? rear), and modified suspension, exhaust, air intakes, brake calipers and interior. The diminutive sports car will be powered by a mid-engined turbocharged 1.8L 4-cylinder generating 240 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque, which is a lot considering its ultralight beltline of under 2,500 lbs — achieved through the use of copious aluminum and carbon fiber. The 4-cylinder engine will be mated to a dual-clutch, six-speed transmission with all power being sent to the rear wheels.

It is all great to see, and the car lives up to its concept with a clean, very Italian design. The one issue we have that we noticed when walking around the new 4C were its unfortunate headlamp clusters — the various LEDs encased in cheap plastic look straight insectoid, like some creature from a low budget 1950s sci-fi film. With the group of auto journalists in Geneva this was a running theme: most really loved the simplicity and gorgeous Alfa-like lines of the 4C, but were truly flustered by the headlamps. Count us among them. All we can say is, we’re looking forward to some crafty aftermarket company to remedy this headlamp treatment stat. Either that, or just go back to the simple ones from the 4C Concept. The Alfa Romeo 4C Launch Edition will begin delivery this summer, but can already be pre-ordered at Alfa Romeo. Unfortunately its pricepoint is much higher than we had initially hoped, with a pricetag baselining at approximately $78,000 (€60,000). That’s bordering on Porsche 911 Carrera territory.

More looks at the Alfa Romeo 4C Launch Edition after the Jump…