If I were a traveling DJ, I would indeed find it precarious figuring out how to transport my DJ items (namely the tracks on my laptop and vinyl) from the haven of my own home and/or lucrative record shop to whatever infernal, purgatorial or paradisiacal night spot I had been chosen to cast my sonic spells on. A DJ’s equipment is fragile and expensive to replace, if not irreplaceable- and this is what makes figuring out how to transport it so precarious. Meeting this conundrum of the traveling DJ head on (antlers and all) Swiss bag innovators Qwstion has teamed up with Zurich-based DJ collective and Record Label Drumpoet Community to design this custom-made Media Ba.

It has a utilitarian flap swinging over the top and clasps with impersonal stainless steel resolve. Made of cotton canvas, the bag has safety first in its mind for your technological tools. Offering a built-in neoprene (that wonderfully flexible synthetic rubber) laptop pocket which will store up to 17″ of a MacBookPro, it also leaves space for a few of the tattered individuals from your precious vinyl collection. Sealing the deal with a seat belt strap around the middle, Qwstion x Drumpoet Community has greatly increased the safety of your World Traveling DJ, combining the possibility of carrying vinyl records with the shenanigans of a backpack and the quiet strength of a laptop bag. Pick it up at Qwstion for $250.

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