Tyler, The Creator just did his legion of fans a huge Friday gift by uploading his entire album Wolf for streaming. The highly anticipated followup to Goblin, Wolf is 18 tracks of Odd Future love, including plenty of OFWGKTA cameos from the likes of Earl Sweatshirt, Frank Ocean, Hodgy Beats and Left Brain, in addition to other artists like Pharrell who appears on the “IFHY” track (video below), and Erykah Badu — which is kind of surprising given Badu’s somewhat feminist standings and Tyler’s controversial lyrics. The somewhat bizarre “IFHY” video was directed by Tyler himself under the “Wolf Haley” pseudonym, and is just one more log thrown into the hype fire regarding Wolf, which hits iTunes next Tuesday, April 2.

Tyler, The Creator “Wolf” Full Album Stream + “IFHY” Video below that…

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