5 Mar
Designer Olmes Carretti's update on a cult classic

Venerable British sailing atelier Henri Lloyd has been making quality nautical gear for a half century. One of their longstanding pieces, the Consort RWR jacket, has been chosen to recieve a special update by Olmes Carretti to celebrate the 50th Anniversary. The jacket — as illustrated by the accompanying Dazed & Confused video below — was a favorite of the Panninari scene in the early 1980s, a Milan-based youth movement similar to mods in their adaptation of Vespas and an Americanized prep look. Based on the original Bri-Nylon introduced by Mr Henri, the Consort jacket is constructed of an Italian close weave nylon, and will be available in 16 colors ranging from the original Navy to Fuschia and Carbon Grey. Get yours over at Henri Lloyd.

Henri Lloyd x Dazed & Confused from Henri Lloyd on Vimeo.

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