There’s been a movement of art manifested on skateboard decks that has elevated the medium from mere utilitarian transportation to serious artistic canvas. Boom-Art for one has created cheekily lascivious takes on the medium with their 1970s Pin-Up Girl Skateboards and Disney Orgy Skate Decks, while others have gone more restrained like FTC x intheyellow’s “Evangelion” decks. For that matter, you can even include Hiroshi’s Skull Sculpture made of repurposed skateboards. Now Savannah-based Magnetic Kitchen has entered the market with these laser-engraved skateboard decks, artistic pieces etched on 7-ply hard rock maple decks featuring everything from skeletons and bullets to pyramids, breakfast plates (bacon & eggs) and angry demons — the latter one of our favorites, based on art by Jack McRory. Sure the pieces are meant to be put on your wall, not grinded at the local park, but Magnetic Kitchen was still kind enough to include the drill holes for trucks just in case you couldn’t resist. Pick them up at Magnetic Kitchen for between $70-$100.

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