27 Mar
A high quality reproduction of the world's cheapest bong

Some might argue that Brad Pitt’s greatest role ever was in Fight Club, and while they’d almost be right they’d actually be wrong. Unarguably Pitt’s most epic performance was as Floyd in True Romance, Dick Ritchie’s ever so laconic stoner roommate. Everyone knew a guy like Floyd, and despite nearly being the cause of death of every protagonist in the movie the guy really knew how to smoke some weed. And his preferred medium was the infamous Honey Bear Bong, a smoking apparatus that nearly every college male has used at some point in his life. Well now artist Glen Baldridge has fashioned his own Honey Bear bong, only instead of cheap plastic Baldridge has crafted his out of high quality porcelain. Sure it’s expensive, $525 doesn’t grow on trees, but at least you’ll have bong that no one else in your dorm will have — only 25 are being made. Get your own today…

One Response to “The $525 True Romance “Floyd” Honey Bear Porcelain Bong”

  1. Shneeks says:

    Out your damn mind if you think this is worth that much money!

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