A beautiful new iteration of The Infinity Piece “wristwatch” from Los Angeles designer Levi Maestro, this latest version is fashioned from 38mm Rose gold-plated stainless steel paired with a genuine stingray strap. We use quotes on “wristwatch” because the piece does not actually tell time — there is no movement whatsoever on the watch. Instead, it is more of a clean piece of jewelry — built in collaboration with Shayan Afshar — made to send a simple message:

“Imagine a piece of jewelry that symbolized something. The idea that when you’re dedicated to what you love, time becomes irrelevant. The Infinity Piece was created to be a reminder that you can never spend too much time on the things you’re passionate about & that’s something that applies to everyone.”

Sure, the possibility exists that there’s nothing symbolic whatsoever, they’re just trying to sucker you into buying something that doesn’t work. But we dig the symbolism — plus, it’s a great excuse to be late to everything. The “Infinity Piece” Rose Gold Wristwatch is now available in limited quantities at Maestro’s store becomb for $150.

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