I’ve personally been a fan of VICE for over a decade, and have marveled at its transformation. From a hilarious but juvenile free rag that you picked up at the skate shop which concentrated on such pressing social issues as “Which race could stand more heat”, and “Who gave better blowjobs — men or women”, to the avant garde journalists that snuck into North Korea and have investigated child soldiers in Uganda, VICE has grown up alongside its smartest readers. Sure, back in the day they used to have a running feature about a Gross Jar they filled with disgusting, unnameable substances, and seemingly ingested more drugs than a mid-80s Mötley Crüe tour, but they were also the only magazine to publish photos of the Battle Of Baghdad Airport, an absolutely stunning story that no major news outlet discussed. As their magazine grew so did their videos, and fittingly they have now developed their own show for HBO which seems to follow the same bold basic principles as their VICE-made travel “journals”. And who better than HBO to broadcast the lunacy? “HBO is perfect for us because it’s intelligent, independent and bold,” noted Shane Smith, one of VICE‘s original co-founders. “We won’t have to dumb things down or put them in sound bites, and we won’t have to shy away from topics or modify our approach. On HBO, we will have all the freedom and creativity we need.” VICE will begin airing on HBO on April 5th at 11pm.

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