17 Apr
Everyone's favorite icon of anarchy... in Smorkin' Labbit form

You ever watch A Clockwork Orange and wish you had a tiny Alex you could put on your desktop? Maybe not so rapey and murderous but perhaps in, oh I don’t know, rabbit form? Who hasn’t. Frank Kozik has your back. The artist and toy maker teamed up BlackBook Toy to fashion this 11-inch Smorkin’ Labbit figure anthropomorphized into everyone’s favorite icon of societal collapse, anarchy and impending, unspoken dread. Imagine, an adorable Droog bunny just as Kubrick probably always envisioned. You can pre-order yours now at Blackbook Toy for about $130 (12,600 YEN), and the “A Clockwork Carrot” will be making its merry little way to your heart by end of May.

Packaging from the “A Clockwork Carrot” Bunny Droog Vinyl Figure below

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