22 Apr
Gestalten's study of forerunning food revolutionaries

A Delicious Life: New Food Entrepreneurs published this month by Berlin based content developers and executive taste makers Gestalten introduces especially passionate forerunning food revolutionaries. Lead by a regimen of sunlight and Dada, A Delicious Life works closely with the movement’s protagonists to provide sources and inspiration for the movement’s growth. Featured over 240 24×26 fullscreen color pages, the book takes a deep look at culinary bohemians around the world, explicating and displaying their new ways of cooking, baking, and brewing. From striking new locations for cooking, eating, and shopping, A Delicious Life even shows a selection of kitchen utensils and products that can inspire and indulge you to become a part of the new foodie movement. From rediscovered to new wave recipes (think grasshoppers to foodtrucks opening like the innards of a cow) the book presents the movement’s diversity through individuals utilizing their local environments to create innovative, quality food. Take a look at the gallery below for a alternative to your mid afternoon McDonald’s bender.

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