2 Apr
3 limited edition timepieces based on aircraft instrumentation

Since their inception Bell & Ross have always been inextricably tied to aviation, their watches frequently taking aeronautic themes — whether it be their Vintage WWI Chronographe Monopoussoir Watch, their WWII Bomber Regulatéur Chronograph or the “BR01 Airborne II” Skull & Crossbones Wristwatch. Now they’ve stepped up their game by actually basing the aesthetic and even movement function of their latest BR 01 Aviation Collection on actual aircraft instrumentation. The aptly named BR01-92 Heading Indicator, BR01-92 Airspeed and BR01-97 Climb mimic the cockpit gauges they’re named after, adding clever touches like replacing the speed indices with more traditional time markers. The watches all use B&R’s traditional BR01 46 mm black PVD steel case, thick rubber straps and a sapphire crystal dial. Only 999 of each watch will be made, the first 99 being sold in a 6-pack collector’s box that also includes last year’s BR 01 Aviation Collection.

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