Niche art/skateboard conflaters Boom-Art have done a remarkable job fusing what were once disparate universes, adding not a small amount of kitsch sexiness to the medium with their their 1970s Pin-Up Girl Skateboards and Disney Orgy Skate Decks. For their latest amazing design, Boom-Art have decided to go high brow and use the works of famed Middle Age/Gothic artist Hieronymus Bosch to make a triptych of his landmark work The Garden Of Earthly Delights. Of course anyone who’s familiar with Bosch’s work knows that the Dutch artist was himself somewhat of a perv, so it’s not like this piece spares the sexuality (Read: plenty of fornicating). Originally a triptych itself, The Garden Of Earthly Delights shown here is actually only the middle (largest) piece of the original work, itself separated into three parts. The limited edition triptych comes in a SK8-BOX package consisting of the three skateboard decks in a beautiful wooden box, all silkscreened by hand in France. Each one is numbered and limited to only 80 pieces. Pre-order it now from Boom-Art for about $380 (298 €).

See the Hieronymus Bosch x Boom-Art “Garden Of Earthly Delights” Deck Triptych SK8-BOX package in full glory after the Jump…

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  2. Ella Brooks-Sykes says:


    These are fucking amazing!
    Are they still available?!


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