9 Apr
From hanging with Keith Harring to painting planes in Arizona

When we last saw the Boneyard Projects, it was for ROA’s Night Flight video (coincidentally we just previewed some ROA x SK8room decks below). This time The Boneyard Project invited New York artist Kenny Scharf to paint his creations on one of the many planes rotting in the Pima Air & Space museum outside of Tucson, AZ. We showed some of Scharf’s work in the landmark Art In the Streets exhibit as well its accompanying OUTSIDE IN documentary, and his hyper cartoony/Jetsons style is hard to forget (Scharf is well known for creating many of the B-52s albums of the 80s, as well as his work with Keith Harring). This 4-minute video shows the artist in the airfield of decommissioned planes plying his craft on a Lockheed Jetstar plane, adding his particular hue of craziness across the hull — all while describing his fascination with space and NASA as a young confused youth. Peep the video below…

The Boneyard Projects :: Kenny Scharf from Jason Wawro on Vimeo.

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