18 Apr
Another "leak" from the 2013 Shanghai Motor Show

When you’re a relatively small automaker like Lamborghini, and you really only have two real vehicles to work with (the Gallardo and Aventador), you need to come up with ways to stay relevant at the half-dozen critical auto shows every year. The way to do that is to stagger droptop versions, then high performance editions, then arbitrary “limited edition” versions of your cars that really aren’t all that different from the original. Case in point, the Anniversario Edition of the mighty V12-powered LP720-4 Aventador. Although performance specs seem to be the same (710 hp, 0-60 in 2.9 seconds), the supercar gets a makeover in canary yellow — both inside and out. Although no facts are in as the car was set to debut at the Shanghai Motor Show on Saturday, expect the predictable swap out of a couple carbon fiber body parts to lower weight… and therefor sucker some oil magnate to drop additional coin to get one of the only 100 set for production.

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