We’re cleary big fans of TrustoCorp, following their antics from their Sarah Palin Sex Tape Nightmare! fake magazines to their Zombie Kim Kardashian Eats Herself! tabloids to their best known work making fake street signs. Now the subversive collective has teamed up with fellow rabblerouser and social critic Shepard Fairey for another collection of pseudo consumer products — this time breakfast cereal. The “OBEY” flavored Trusto Cereal features Fairey’s best known icon, Andre the Giant, emblazoned over fake cereal boxes. The best part? TrustoCorp and Shepard will be hiding 10 Trusto x Obey cereal boxes across 10 random supermarkets in the greater Los Angeles area at the end of this week — seemingly meaning today and tomorrow. To best find the hidden gems, follow both @TrustoCorp and Arrested Motion (@arrestedmotion) for clues about where to find the treasure. That’s not the end of the goodies, however, as Trusto will be dropping 10 cereal boxes a week for the rest of the month, including collaborations with The London Police (who gave us exclusive art HERE), David Flores and Cyrcle. All hail the might TrustoCorp!

via Arrested Motion

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