17 Apr
DSLR quality sensor in point-n-shoot convenience

Although Canon and Nikon seem to rule the prosumer photography universe with an iron digital fist, don’t tell that to Pentax-Ricoh. The Japanese manufacturer has now updated their top of the line point-n-shoot to do battle with the previously mentioned giants. Their new Rico GR compact camera features a superb 16.2MP APS-C sensor, making it one of the top fixed lens cameras money can buy — and the smallest with a sensor of its size and capability. The APS-C offers excellent backlighting resistance, beautiful blurring effects with no fall off and even, high contrasted resolution from the center to the edge of the image. Besides being easy to use out of the box, the Pentax-Ricoh Rico GR Compact Camera features a 28mm equivalent field of view, a 18mm F2.8 maximum aperture and a 3-inch high-res 1.2m dot LCD screen in back. Look out for the Rico GR when it goes on sale next month for a hefty $799.

More looks at the Pentax-Ricoh Rico GR Compact Camera after the Jump…


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