25 Apr
An Animal Collective in the fifth installment of the VICE series

So we’ve had Giorgio Moroder, Todd Edwards, Nile Rodgers and Pharrell Williams and now it’s time to hear from Panda Bear. The VICE crew’s fifth episode of their Random Access Memories: Collaborators series features the vocalist and key member of Animal Collective, who draws comparisons to his band’s early use of masks with Daft Punk’s, the honor of working with the French duo as well as the anxiety of having to write an entire track in 3 days. Just another coin in a well of buzz leading up to the May 21st release of Daft Punk’s latest LP, Random Access Memories, which you can pre-order on iTunes.

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  1. […] could actually listen to some new Daft Punk — specifically their track with Panda Bear (who was Episode 5 of the Collaborators Series). The Panda Bear track “Doin’ It Right” is definitely up our alley, in our humble opinion […]

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