We’re not gonna lie, we’re kind of fascinated by James Franco. Sometimes it seems like he’s trying too hard to be arty, but then other times I’m just glad he’s got other pursuits going on beyond hanging out at The Double Seven and banging Polish models. Either that or going all Hansel from Zoolander — I don’t know which is more obnoxious. Anyway here’s the result of his latest project, a downtempo/trip-hop EP with a friend of his from RISD named Tim O’Keefe, produced under the moniker Daddy. As VICE, for whom Franco is a new Culture Critic, explains:

“The two met at the Rhode Island School of Design, just before James finished his senior thesis, which happened to be a book of erotic fiction accompanied by a plywood house with the words “Fucking James Franco” emblazoned in neon above the door. They made a bunch of art together, and Tim recently scored James’s new film, an adaptation of William Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying, which hit Cannes like an atom bomb a few weeks back.”

The track ain’t actually half bad, in a sort of get-really-high-in-your-bedroom-studio-and-starting-producing-tracks-just-for-the-shit-of-it sorta way. And just slapping together some free bikini footage of Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens you scored while filming your latest movie — in this case the very polarizing Spring Breakers— seems like a no brainer. The “Crime” video features vocals from none other than Smokey Robinson and comes from a free EP Daddy have released called The PVD Remixes. If you like what you hear download the entire EP right here.

Daddy’s “Crime” video, plus another Franco Polaroid of his Spring Breakers costars below that…

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