13 May
Die cast metal homage to the classic Japanese giant robot

If you grew up in New England you might remember a show called Force Five. In it, each day a separate Japanese cartoon would play inspiring a bunch of Masshole kids to become wicked influenced by Giant Robots. These proto-anime shows included Gai King and Starvengers, but Mondays belonged to Planet Robot Danguard Ace. Well now Danguard Ace can belong to you. Soul of Chogokin will be releasing the robot from the show in a loyally detailed homage die cast figure standing 7.5-inches tall. The Planet Robot Danguard Ace Soul of Chogokin Action Figure features a full array of accessories including 2 types of Guard Launchers that can be attached to the engine unit. The figure can also transform into Satelizer Mode, and comes in a deluxe display case in which you can show off to the ladies your Danguard Ace and all his vast wealth of accessories (nothing sheds skirts quicker than die cast action figures, trust us). Pre-order it now for $130.

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