13 May
50th Anniversary single-seater designed by Walter de Silva

Lamborghini continues its self-aggrandizing 50th Anniversary celebrations with what could be its most far-fetched, out of this world vehicle yet. The Egoist concept is thus named because the car can only fit the (self-absorbed) driver, with no room for anyone else in his life. It also features a carbon fiber and aluminum “hybrid” chassis, and is so tight that the steering wheel has to be removed in order to enter or exit. The windshield glass that contains the driver even has anti-radar technology, which will surely be needed anytime the Egoist is fired up (even if you’re not speeding, you think a cop isn’t pulling you over in this?). The car was penned by famed designer Walter de Silva, the current head of Volkswagen Group Design — lord eminent over the Lamborghini brand — who drew inspiration for the car from the Apache helicopter. Just looking over the angular shuriken-like edges of the hypercar you can see why. Although short on details, it is said the Egoist will be powered by the same V10 that powers the Lamborghini Gallardo. As this is only a concept at this point, there is no price for this advanced weapon of asphalt destruction.

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