You know it’s a good great day when your morning dabbles through the interwebs results in free music from Nas. But not just any free music, or some throwaway new tracks that God’s Son absent mindedly flowed on to make his Lamborghini Aventador payment. No, today unearthed the discovery of early music from some say (we don’t agree) New York’s greatest rapper ever — early demo tapes from Nas before his 1994 landmark debut Illmatic. The Pre-Illmatic Demo features 11 tracks of early Nasty Nas nastiness, including his first verse ever “Live at the BBQ” with Main Source. Other guests include Biz Markie, Chubb Rock, MC Serch, Kool G Rap and Cormega, but who cares — what you really want to hear are early verses from Queensbridge’s finest. Could there be a nicer treat than unheard Golden Era hip-hop from Nas on a Tuesday afternoon? Me thinks not. Enough talk, hit play below and enjoy…

Nas “Pre-Illmatic Demo” Full Album stream below, plus full tracklist after the Jump…

Nas “Pre-Illmatic Demo” Tracklist

1. Understanding 0:00
Featuring AZ & Biz Markie
2. Life Is Like A Dice Game 3:12
3. Just Another Day In The Projects 5:51
4. Déjà Vu 9:04
Produced by Chris Winston
5. Back To The Grill 12:51
Featuring MC Serch feat. Chubb Rock & Red Hot Lover Tone
Produced by T-Ray
6. Everything Is Real 17:53
Featuring Shapelle
7. I’m A Villain 20:09
Produced by Large Professor
8. Number One With A Bullet 24:31
Featuring Kool G. Rap & Whiteboy
9. Nas Will Prevail (It Ain’t Hard To Tell Original) 28:47
Produced by Large Professor
10. On The Real (Original) 33:45
Featuring Akinyele, Screwball, & Cormega
11. Live At The BBQ 37:13

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  1. Adam Hocking says:

    This is awesome, I will be posting my top ten rap albums of all time, on my site: I hope you can check it out!

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