We know what you’re thinking: you love your Blowpops, but you’re sick and tired of them melting all the time in the hot summer sun. Us too! That’s why we were so stoked to run across Yoji Okada’s premium saddle leather and African mahogany lollipop cases. I mean, how many times have you been carrying lollipops in your pocket like a common plebeian, reached in there to unwrap some of that delicious sweetness and instead just found a melted pool of sticky goop in your Levis? If we only had a nickel, we’d start our own record label. And who’s got time for chintzy plastic lollipop cases? What are you, a tourist? You want to coddle your shit in supple saddle leather and African mahogany wood, there are no substitutes. Get yours for about $40, we’re totally sure it’s 100% worth it.

More looks at Yoji Okada’s totally 100% necessary Lollipop Cases after the Jump…

via HighSnob

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