In honor of the acclaimed director, writer and producer’s hometown, the v in San Francisco brought its Scorsese exhibition to New York. From auteur Martin Scorsese’s clothes-pressing actor father and seamstress-cum-actor mother, the cinema master’s mad skills at figuring out the movie brat power structure lingers on into all our viewing darknesses. Finally coaxed by Robert De Niro to give up his cocaine habit to make his epic Raging Bull (oh that we all can be blessed with such friends), the art Scorsese inspires is manifold, like the beheaded AIMbots trifling disembodied in a river cab driven by Bruce Willis, marveling at Hitler and Stalin. The hottest anime prostitute cowering behind bars for an inexorable dead end offense, making way for the return of the king inside anyone who has a Carbon Dioxide level to match. The Scorsese exhibit — which was fittingly flown from SF into the director’s city of origin and matter of inspiration — was put on view for just one weekend at the Bold Hype Gallery in Chelsea and included a large selection of work from contemporary artists around the world and nationwide. Take a look at the images below for the courage you’ve been missing. If you’re really confused and blindsided by insecure maleness, violence, machismo, Roman Catholic concepts of guilt and redemption, I would say bask into your late night Williamsburg pool hall confessional, and maybe make something of yourself.

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