Years ago Vice magazine introduced the world to photographer Kern, whose specialty was shooting natural, everyday girls in natural, everyday settings. If you know Vice, then you know how well this concept fit in the mental cubbyhole of their readership. Under the tutelage of Vice‘s editor-in-chief Jesse Pearson, Kern went on to gallivant across the world shooting young, mostly attractive women from Belgium, Brazil and Bulgaria to Mexico, New Zealand and Poland. Through it all, one could follow the antics on where Kern interviewed these amateur models on video. But what about the still images? What happened to those, your pervy little mind might be asking?

What happened to the photos is they were collected by Taschen and are being compiled in their latest hardcover tome: Shot By Kern. Featuring 300 photographs of Kern’s special type of naked subject, which range from shy wallflowers to brazen exhibitionists… all united by the quirky cuteness that can be seen in all of Kern’s “models”. Of course, after photographing so many women in so many locations, themes begin to grow, universal currents that unite disparate cultures. Prescription drugs, technology, upskirt shots and more have all been collected into their own sections, as have longtime Kern favorites like lying around in bed in panties (naturally) and the subtleties of female grooming — the secret lives of girls behind the bathroom door a longtime fascination of the New York photographer.

As an added bonus, Shot By Kern comes with an hour long video shot and edited by the photographer, soundtracked by original music by Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth because, as Taschen likes to say, “Like Kern’s models, the modern world is always in motion.” Indeed, and we like to watch it go round. Order your copy of Shot By Kern for only $40.

One more NSFW bonus gallery from “Shot By Kern” after the Jump…

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