Luckily the craft beer craze continues to grow across the United States with American IPA’s setting up shop in most hometown pubs. When thinking IPA, it’s safe to say most people think hoppy, expensive, local-brewed concoctions. Many gravitate to the robust craft beers and microbrews, feeling the intensely hoppy flavor of IPAs is what sets it apart from lesser beers and makes them a true beer drinker’s beverage. With that in mind Surly Brewing Company of Minnesota has taken the IPA craze in a different direction. Their Furious crimson-colored nectar might look more like amber ale, but don’t be fooled — it’s a smooth 6.2% ABV celebration brewed from American hops and Scottish malt that demands attention. Especially with a price point of $10 for a 4-pack. In another option from their collection of five “beers for a glass, from a can” called Coffee Bender, Surly does a refreshing spin on iced coffee. At Surly the brew team developed a cold extraction process that results in intense coffee aromatics and flavor bringing together two of our favorite beverages. Find it at your favorite pub of distinction, or buy directly from Surly Brewing C.

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