You might’ve seen the T-REX before — an odd but fun-looking 3-wheeler built by 18-year-old Campagna Motors. Hand-built in Boucherville, Canada, Campagna Motors has normally powered its T-REX with a Kawasaki powerplant, and its sister 3-wheeler the V13R with a Harley-Davidson engine. The brand new 16STM will be the first to be powered by a 160-horsepower BMW in-line 6 cylinder engine from their Motorrad division — plenty of juice for a vehicle of its size. While some skeptics cheekily comment that 3-wheelers offer all the safety of a motorcycle with the convenience of a car, the truth of the matter — if you’ve ever been lucky enough to ride one — is that these trikes offer plenty of fun. And Campagna Motors have been working on this latest iteration for years, as they explain:

“It took several years to find a reputable engine manufacturer that would fulfill our requirements. This announcement will propel our capacity to supply an accrued demand with a high quality offering,” explains Michel Paquette, Sales and Marketing director at Campagna Motors. “The BMW 1600cc engine is the most compact and efficient in-line 6 cylinder on the market. Moreover, the collaboration with BMW’s engineers helped our engineering group with the integration of the new engine and transmission, new electronic systems and a multitude of other components and accessories.”

Not to be confused with Kenny Powers’ vehicle of choice, the Can-Am, the T-REX offers side-by-side seating and a roof — something Danny McBride never dreamed of. Other features on the T-REX 16STM include an electronic driving mode selection that gives the driver more control and a safer drive under adverse weather conditions and road surfaces. An Alpine audio system with Sirius Satellite radio, iPod/iPhone/USB connectivity and Bluetooth will also come standard — all starting at $62,000.

More looks at the Campagna Motors “16STM ” T-REX after the Jump…

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