What are your feelings on Daft Punk’s massively (over) hyped long play Random Access Memories? While it’s a solid piece of work with moments of brilliant production (e.g. “Contact”), it’s clear that it lacks the immortality of Homework. Chilean/American tech house phenom Nicolas Jaar seems to agree. He’s collaborated with Dave Harrington on a series of remixes and tracks under the moniker Darkside, and now the duo are putting their grubby little knob-twisting fingers all over Daft Punk’s latest opus. Titled Random Access Memories Memories, the remix album shows off Jaar’s considerable production talents, especially on tracks like “Get Lucky” and “Giorgio By Moroder”. Makes you wish Daft Punk had called in a few younger minds to the studio instead of Pharrell to sing off key. Cheekily calling the project Daftside, you can hear the entire 14-track album below.

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