4 Jun
Luxury camera in Tuscan leather, carbon fiber or wood

Long known for the peerless large and medium format cameras, venerable Swedish firm Hasselblad introduces its latest attempt at the “consumer” market with a very high-end, design-oriented luxury camera. Dubbed the Lunar, the Italian-designed camera collection is comprised of five models, each with their own form and style. While the functionality and specs of each model is the same, the electable grips and premium materials allows the buyer to reflect his individuality — choose between hand-polished Tuscan leather in tan or black, carbon fiber, richly-veined Olive Wood or waxless matte Italian wood. “Each model is perfected one by one, yet different as only the hand of an artist can make them,” says Hasselblad. The Lunar camera features a powerful 24.7 megapixel sensor and the incorporation of Hasselblad’s Optical SteadyShot image stabilisation system. It is now available starting at $6,800.

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