This should prove to be a cheekily controversial piece. Graphic designer Phil Robson, otherwise known as Filfury, has decided to conflate two of the more hot button issues of the day into one single piece (or pieces, rather). The Sydney artist has taken two of Nike’s most popular silhouettes — the Nike Air Max 90 and Nike Air Classic BW — and made them into sidearms, notably a Beretta 9 millimeter and an Uzi. Taking the materials and colorways of the sneakers, as well as the Air Max’s signature bubble windows, Robson has created three visually arresting pieces. We’re not sure if he’s making a statement against sweatshops or just fashioning one helluva desirable (and subversive) art piece, but we’d definitely love to get our hands on one. Check out his site for more of his work.

One more look at the Filfury Sneaker Handguns after the Jump…

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  1. […] past June we highlighted the work of Filfury’s Nike Air Max Handguns — a cheeky yet subversive riff on hot button issues such as gun control and sweatshop conditions. […]

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