5 Jun
Relive the sci-fi cult favorite with MMS Diecast Series

It’s time to let the inner sci-fi nerd that lives in your heart free, let him bound down the streets with joy as it sees the release of this incredibly detailed ED-209 figure from the Hong Kong crew over at Hot Toys. Part of Hot Toys’ highly collectible MMS Diecast Series, the ED-209 figure features incredible details such as his blasted arm damaged while fighting Robocop. Although Hot Toys has released ED-209 figures before it claims this diecast metal version to be the best of the bunch with  a new sculpted body, improved articulations on arms, legs, and claws (to better simulate ED-209’s movement in RoboCop), and an undamaged arm to interchange with the previously stated battle damaged one. Oh, and did we mention it has the ability to speak memorable quotes from Robocop?! You had us at nerd. Pre-order it for $410, but don’t expect delivery until at least February 2014…

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