The battle to control the airspace is always one of the most critical aspects of any war… especially the Luxury War. Rich assholes take shit very seriously. That’s why it was big news when the Citation X overtook Gulfstream’s G6 as the world’s fastest personal jet when the Citation X hit a speed of Mach 0.935. So of course someone had to squeeze the air out of that achievement, and that someone would be Saker Aircraft who announced the production of their S-1 personal jet. Inspired by military combat jets, the Saker S-1 features the common jet fighter tandem seating arrangement and brain melting speed. How fast exactly? Thanks to its twin Williams FJ44-4 jets, Saker promises its S-1 will cruise at Mach .95 with a top speed of Mach 0.99. Since it’s a private jet and not really made for combat, the S-1 will have to accommodate smaller private runways — as short as 1,500 ft (457 m) — and hence will have to climb rapidly, as quickly as 14,000 ft/min (4,267 m/min) with a 1,600 mile (2,575 km) range. If you feel the need to be the fastest pencil dick at your country club then the Saker S-1 is for you — look for it to begin delivery in 2019, as long as you have $5-$7 million that is.

Back view of the Saker S-1 Military Personal Jet, probably the only view you’ll ever see…

via Gizmag

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