19 Jun
Documentary on the indelible influence of artist Raymond Pettibon

Finally able to watch the first episode of MOCAtv’s new The Art of Punk series, and it’s well worth your 20 minutes. Where else would they start than with Los Angeles’ Black Flag, a band embedded with its art to a profound depth that few — if any — can claim. Not only is their 4-bar logo one of the most iconic images in all of music, but their flyer art — also designed by artist Raymond Pettibon — spawned armies of slack-jawed imitators. Whether he was inciting the LAPD with his infamous “Police Story” flyer or freaking out the squares with his Charles Manson-inspired pieces (like that seen above), there’s no question Pettibon influenced punk music and its scene in ways other bands can only dream of having done. Created and directed by writer/author of Fucked Up + Photocopied, Bryan Ray Turcotte (Kill Your Idols) and Bo Bushnell (The Western Empire), the MOCAtv The Art Of Punk series aims to trace the roots of the punk movement and the artists behind their iconic logos, and the first episode does a compelling job deconstructing one of the most important American punk bands and its long lasting affect through art and music. Featuring interviews with founding Black Fag members Keith Morris and Chuck Dukowski, as well as replacement singer Henry Rollins and other scene luminaries like Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Flea, you can watch the documentary in its entirety below. We’ll be looking out for future episodes on The Dead Kennedys’ Winston Smith and Crass’ Dave King here in the not-too-distant future…

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