10 Jun
Beloved British automaker resolves to make a comeback

According to Auto ExpressTVR is being resurrected from the dead and will again begin building its Sagaris supercar. The venerable and beloved British automaker has gone through various eras of near death in its long history, but once again looks to be back making highly desirable cars. As their website has gone from displaying a TVR logo with the phrase “Never say never” to now reading “The distant rumble of rumour has turned to thunder and TVR is back in Britain”, it seems new owner Les Edgar is set upon returning the TVR to former glory. The 380 bhp Sagaris will be the first offering from TVR, but the idea is to move forward with new models ASAP. Known for its lack of air bags — as well as electronic driver’s aids such as traction control and electronic stability control — the question is whether the new TVRs will be similarly as dangerous driver-oriented. More news in the future.

More looks at the TVR Sagaris after the Jump…


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