12 Jul
Heiko reviews a bourbon finished in three kinds of wood

Heiko is from Germany with a specialized field in Whisky. After finishing his apprenticeship as a fully trained hotel clerk he began work as a barkeeper in the 5-Star Hotel A-Rosa on the beautiful island of Sylt. He discovered the passion for whisky a few years ago and since then his life is full of usige beatha — that’s Gaelic for “water of life”. In February 2012 Heiko was appointed as the 72nd Malt Ambassador of Campari Germany. It is his intention to bring whisky to all who want to learn more about that holy water. This is his second High Spirits taste test for LIAS, see his first review HERE.

My second review will be about a bourbon, only available in the States. We’re talking about the Woodford Reserve Masters Collection 2012, a limited release with only 26,000 bottles. In this case this bourbon is kind a special one, cause it has a finish of three different kinds of wood. You may ask yourself how it is possible by American law to create a bourbon with a wood finish? The mates at Woodford had a great idea to create the only one I know of this kind. After the Woodford Reserve finished his time laying in American white oak cask it was bottled and shown to the department of alcohol in the States. They declared this Whiskey as a bourbon. Straight after that this Woodford got his declaration, it was filled up again in different kind of cask to give it a special finish. In his case it had seen four different woods. The first I already told you, American oak, the second maple wood, the third Sherry Olorosso and last but not least a port. After the duration of an unknown time of finishing they batched all of the spirit woods together to create the Woodford Masters Collection 2012.

The Whisky, based on the Woodford Reserve, is a handcrafted and matured in small batches with 47.2% vol. of alcohol.

Nose: 3.7

Smooth and elegant presents the Woodford at the first smell. Soft hints of spiciness with a strong and intense note of vanilla. Also some fruits like peaches. After awhile the strong notes of vanilla disappear and make room for some high percent dark chocolate compared with a nice fresh smell of caramelized maple oranges. After the first sip, the smell turns a little bit around and shows some nice hints from the different kind of woods.

Taste: 4.4

At the first sip you don’t expect the strength it brings after awhile in the mouth. Notes of vanilla start, but disappear and give place for a delight of oranges and peaches. As well very spicy at the beginning. It’s getting drier. But still a little bit of freshness from the fruits and the lightly candy.

Finish: 4.7

Dry!, like I expected, cause of both of the wine casks, but also sweet and warming. Hints of heather flower compared with dark chocolate and light notes of candy. The aftertaste it strong and long, but not too hot. The notes of smooth vanilla, maple and fresh fruits compared with hints of chocolate makes the aftertaste a nice one.

So far the best bourbon I have ever had. And that’s saying a lot. Congratulation to the mates at Woodford. They made a bourbon which is every cent worth. The palate to discover from the fine notes of different kind of flavors is tremendous. Smooth, elegant but in his own way a guys who won’t give up that fast!

Price per bottle: round about $70

VALUE: 4.3

Hope you’d enjoyed reading my blog and see ya next time folks…


Your Heiko

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