17 Jul
Sand bags, flame throwers, machine guns, samurai swords, etc.

This evening at a pre-event for the famed Comic-Con in San Diego Hyundai unveiled their latest cross collaborative vehicle, The Walking Dead Veloster Zombie Survival Machine. Unveiled at The Future US Booth, the Zombie Survival Machine would make perhaps the ultimate vehicle for Sheriff Rick Grimes and his motley crew of apolocolyptic survivors. The Vitamin C-colored Veloster features hand-fabricated armor throughout with wrought iron caged headlights, chain link fenced armored tail lights, quick change front bumper chainsaws and horde plow, saw blade tooth-like front grill and even sand bags and double barrel shotgun, flame thrower and machine gun mounted to the front. Roof mounted items include a “Doom Whistle” PA system, flood lights, turret, quick change .50 cal machine gun and flame thrower. Another full arsenal can be found in the back including a spiked baseball bat mounted to the trunk, samurai sword and an off-road style armored rear bumper with knife blades attached. Clearly, the Veloster Zombie Survival Machine would make short work of most of the zombies inhabiting The Walking Dead universe, as most of those sorry ass bastards can be killed with a swift kick to the head (or bludgeon with about any weapon to the head, now that I think about it). Sand bags, flame throwers, machine guns, samurai swords… this thing pretty much has it all. More pics coming soon…

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